Monday, October 5, 2009

RICH YUNG REPORT: New luxury Pantech phone for S.T. Dupont

The French company S.T. DuPont has decided to enter the mobile market by making a cell phone in collaboration with Pantech.

Of course, a luxury model like the Pantech Sky Dupont IM-U510LE is less about the features and more about appearance.

The handset has gold-plated edges and it features a 3 inch touchscreen display, 2G-only connectivity, GPS and a 3MP camera.

DuPont & Pantech luxury phone’s design was inspired by the Dupont’s famous lighter design.

It has a push-up button that activates the phone with the same sort of muted click that can be heard when opening a lighter.

While no details have been released on carrier availability or launch date, the price will be $832 USD making this Pantech’s most expensive phone to date.