Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RICH YUNG UPDATE: Freck Billionaire Speaks On Mayweather + Diss Track

What did you think of what Money Mayweather said?
I think it’s a bitter cheap shot, totally untrue from an egotistically frustrated person.

What is your response?
I’ll respond to Floyd when I see him face to face. I don’t go back and forth on blogs, that’s his style.

He referred to your tactics as “bad business.” What are your thoughts on that?
He was already aware of my agreement with Fab and Street Fam. He knew we are a group from our first convo.

How did you get in touch with him and eventually sign to him?

Floyd got in contact with me through my manager.

Are you still affiliated in anyway with him?
I haven’t spoken to Floyd or any of his affiliates in months. I hope he wins in September.

What made you trust your career with a boxer anyway?
I never trusted my career with a boxer. What we discussed was for him to put up the capital and play an investor role in the situation, while me and my manager put the project together. Floyd never had a role in any of the creative decisions.

How was it being on the team with him? Were their any perks with being down with Floyd?
The only perk was that I learned that everything that glitters ain’t gold.

When Rick Ross dissed Floyd how did you feel about the line “that mayweather money looking funny in the light?”
At the time I was affiliated with Floyd, Ross didn’t say anything about me, but since Floyd was my man I asked him how he wanted to approach the situation. Floyd didn’t want to address it. Even when we saw Ross afterward in Miami, Floyd never spoke to him about it.

What happened to you and Fab?
Nothing negative ever happened. What people don’t understand is that me and Fab have more of a friendship. I’m signed to Street Family Entertainment/Def Jam as the group Street Fam with members Red Cafe, Paul Cain and Fabolous. I’m featured on the Loso’s Way album on a track titled There He Go.

You had some drug charges against you at one point. What’s the status on that?
Thanks to my great legal team everything was handled accordingly.

How long is it going to take for you to actually make it to billionaire status? How do you plan to do that?
It could be any day now that I make it to Billionaire status doing what I been doing from day one; spitting the best bar for bar. One monkey don’t stop no show.

What is your current status? Are you signed or looking at a particular situation at the moment?
I’m part of the Street Fam and we’re working on an album right now, but as far as my solo career is concerned I’m a free agent.

Final words?
First of all I like to thank God for being here . Secondly I like to thank all my fans and haters alike. And I will still continue being the best bar for bar, continue to get big money, continue the flashiness, continue being the Gucci king, and from here on in I’m a stay sucker free.