Thursday, January 1, 2009

RICH YUNG REPORT: PPI Razor Audi R8 Tuning Kit

I’ve always thought the Audi R8 could use a little boost in the body department (especially the lower front bumper) for a bit more aggressiveness. The PPI R8 Razor is the answer. Not only does it give the Audi R8 a bolder statement in looks, it dramatically increases the stock R8 with a series of engine modifications.

PPI has coaxed an extra 40 horses and 26 little torques out of the R8’s 4.2-liter FSI V8, bringing total output up to 460 and 343 respectively. PPI claims that’s enough to drop over half a second off the car’s run to sixty, down to four seconds flat, with a top speed of 192mph. Pretty impressive.

The aero kit which I’m extremely fond of is created from full carbon fiber. The kit consists of a lip spoiler, larger air intakes that help airflow and facilitate brake cooling, along with sills, blades, a diffuser and an adjustable wing to keep this puppy glued to the tarmac. PPI also used carbon fiber to create 19-inch two-piece rims, complete with black magnesium spokes, and wrapped in ultra-low-profile Michelin Pilot Sport Cup rubber. Inside the CF love-in continues with trim pieces galore, and PPI will also reupholster the interior in custom leather, suede and Alcantara at the customer’s choice.


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