Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RICH YUNG REPORT: De Beers Valley Of Diamonds

With its latest collection, De Beers taps into the myth of a diamond-studded valley ringed by flames.
Enter the Valley of Diamonds collection, a 13-piece lineup of rings, necklaces and a single pair of earrings inspired by an ancient myth of the same name.

The origins of the tale vary—the Chinese, Indians and Persians all had their versions, some dating as far back as the eighth century—but the premise is invariably the same: an impossible-to-reach valley richly covered in diamonds.

And the obstacles for the protagonists are always plentiful. As if menacing surrounding mountains aren’t enough, the area is also ringed with walls of fire and inhabited by dangerous snakes whose gaze can strike a man dead, natch.

“It’s the ultimate place you want to get in but can’t,” says De Beers’s creative director, Raphaele Canot, who spearheaded the project’s design. “I loved the idea of danger, the adventure part of the myth.”

guardian-myth-ring De Beers Valley Of Diamonds