Monday, December 22, 2008

RICH YUNG REPORT: Avantgarde Skeleton Collection by Gresso

After the Black Diamond collection and the White Diamonds collection, Gresso, the Russian company distinguished for its luxury high-tech articles, has introduced its limited edition Avantgarde Skeleton Collection.

As the name suggests it is a "skeleton" phone, inspired by the complicated Swiss Skeleton watches. The Gresso Avantgarde Skeleton follows the same principal and allows one to peer through a sapphire crystal display at the circuitry within.

The luxury phone has been made by employing the traditions of watchmaking and jewelry art, as well as achievements in aero-space technologies.

Both the 240 x 320 display and the transparent back panel are made of crystal sapphire glass. The battery case is made of stainless steel, with a leather cover and magnet release, and the back of the handset features the Gresso logo covered with 10 micron gold. Aircraft steel has been used to make the 23 functional keys and the triangle on the front panel.

Only fifteen of the Gresso Avantgarde Skeleton phones will be made making them extremely exclusive. Each phone comes with a unique laser-engraved serial number. The new Avantgarde Skeleton is priced at 3999 euros (US $5645).