Monday, November 24, 2008

RICH YUNG REPORT: Karl Lagerfeld x Le Petit Larousse Illustré

The latest designer invited to design the cover of the holiday edition of France’s “Le Petit Larousse Illustré” (“Larousse Small Illustrated Dictionary”) is none other than Karl Lagerfeld.

The French reference book consists of a dictionary featuring common words and encyclopedia featuring proper nouns.

The limited edition book is covered in matte black featuring a corner illustration by Lagerfeld of the famous Larousse “Semeuse,” or “Seed-Scatterer,” blowing a puff of dandelion seeds in her birthday suit and a pair of blue, elbow-length gloves.”

On the black case itself there’s a sketch of Karl Lagerfeld himself with the words “Habillé par Karl Lagerfeld” (“Dressed by Karl Lagerfeld”) in silver. Price : 49 euros ($ 61.00)