Friday, October 24, 2008

RICH YUNG REPORT: Home theater commissioned by Kim Banducci

If you have always dreamed about a customized, ultra high-tech, inviting, and luxurious home theater, here is a treat for your eyes. In the past, we have come across some splendid home theater setups, including the Death Star Theater, Titanic home theater, Star Trek home theater, Indiana Jones-themed home theater, Goldmund Media Room, the $3.4 million In-house cinema, $100K Five-in-One home theater, the Cyberdyne Cinema, Jeremy Kipnis’ $6 Million Home Theater, and the Goldmund’s million-dollar high-tech home theater. The one we are talking about today is the Golden home theater commissioned by Kim Banducci and custom installed by Future Home of Los Angeles, California. Banducci, without any prior knowledge of interior designing, planned all of her home’s interiors from top to bottom. Attention has been given to every single detail of this elegant private screening room outside of Los Angeles. She reincarnated the memories of her Italian honeymoon, grand villas and duomos while designing the ceiling of bronze, brown, taupe and gold.

The looks of the custom theater are so simplistic with its monochromatic color palette and minimalist add-ons. The visual artistry of the room reminds of Florence, Italy’s famed gilt-bronze Baptistry doors. A soft light is there in the room, which illuminates the tiered theater aisles and adds a romantic glow to the space. Backlit onyx marble panels have been used in the screening room and each of them lines the bottom portions of the theater’s side walls.

Banducci says:

We didn’t want it to be gaudy; we wanted a classic, breathtaking look. We wanted to be able to walk into the theater 20 years later and think that the design is timeless.

Los Angeles’ Future Home owner Murray Kunis says:

The coolest thing is that we were able to create a very comfortable room in a limited space with a low ceiling for six to 10 people. The logistics of the room are very comfortable with no compromise of performance.

The gadgetry used for the stunning home theater includes Stewart Filmscreen 2.35:1 Luxus screen with Electrimask, Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc Player, Runco VX-22d DLP Projector w/DHD II Video Controller/Processor and CineWide, Kaleidescape DVD Server System, DirecTV HR21 HD satellite receiver, and the popular Crestron TPS-4000 Isys 10.4-inch Tilt Touchpanel.

Everything about this stunning Italian-styled Golden Home Theatre is perfect and the design is timeless. No word on how much money was put into the whole project, but the upshot is really a classic.